First working day

It’s impressive how the transport is organized. The are signs everywhere and another group of volunteers guiding the guests to the Olympic venues. The security checks at the entrance of the Olympic park are done by people in military uniforms. Another software of Atos checks the accreditation – the Atos logo is at every computer here. It took me about 40 minutes to find the working place within IBC. The building is huge and is now rebranded for the Paralympics. There are several booths everywhere with the famous Atos software for the official results.

Finally I found our office, located next to the BBC one. Ingo and Clara – our coordinators introduced me to the rest of the team and explained the idea of the project. We are going to provide 5 channels live stream of several events at the official site of the International Paralympic Committee (, that will be used also by some broadcasters all over the world. The other task is to split the live video stream into files and upload them into the channel of YouTube with all relevant titles, tags, etc. This will be done by our subteam of the “uploaders” in almost real time, so we have to watch the games carefully in order to catch the start and end time of each event. There are also other roles in the team – camera men, editors, commentators, technicians, etc. The team is really international – colleagues from Hong Kong (volunteers from Atos), Brazil, Maxico, Spain, Germany, UK…maybe I miss some country. So, it seems that it will be really interesting.


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