The importance of the Games

Today I expected less people in the Olympic park as it is a working day and some children start school. But there were as many people as during the weekend. The stadium was full, there were no available seats in the venues, the people with daily passes were waiting for hours in queues for entering the games. So I was asking myself – why these people are here, what is so important in these Games?

Of course the games are important for the athletes who have their needs to compete, win, challenge themselves and receive acknowledgment for their efforts. I was watching different sports and saw several different kinds of emotions – from sorrow to glory and extreme proud.

The games are also important for the families of the athletes. Yesterday I saw a Canadian lady with T-shirt “I am a proud mother of Canadian Paralympic athlete”. Few days ago I was traveling in the train with a family from Australia that came in the games to watch their daughter-in-law who is a captain of the Australian women goalball team. They were so proud with her successes. Wish her luck!

The games are also important for the other disabled people who a encouraged to challenge themselves either in sports or in other fields. There are so many disabled people in the Olympic park who enjoy the games and cheer the competitions. I believe this is really a great entertainment for them.

But the games are also important for the British nation who needs a unifying cause in these difficult crisis times. They have their Team GB that brings so many remarkable moments to the public. I have never seen in my life such a support. Children & adults dressed in Team GB colors, wearing all kinds of accessories demonstrating their contribution to the nation victories. The games are important also for the relationship between the officials and the people. You should trust the ones that managed to organize something of this scale and to ensure its security.

The games are important for the 70 000 volunteers who are willing to become a part of this. I was talking today with 11 years girl that explained me that this happens “once in a life and you have to share it”. Most probably it will happen at least one more time in her life (as London has been a host of previous Games) but I doubt that it will happen in our lives – Bulgaria to become a host of Olympic/Paralympic games. I understood from the mother of this kid, that there were additionally 190 000 volunteer applications who were not approved. It is very interesting what is the motivation of all these volunteers – I will ask the colleagues in the next days.

One more thing – the games are extremely important for the education of the thousands of children who visited them. This is the way to develop tolerance and respect towards disabled people. I wish more Bulgarian kids see some moments of these Games. We need it.


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