The glory of one nation. Final recap

It was not finished with the closing ceremony. On Monday was the parade of the medalist. 21 platforms (floats) full of happy successful medalists crossed the boulevards of London. Millions of people were on the streets to celebrate the victory. The sponsor companies were giving flags & other accessories. All volunteers were asked to wear their uniforms for the last day. One nation was celebrating – not only the victories they achieved. They celebrated the Golden Summer, the “Great” Britain, the fact that they just did it despite all doubts. In a remarkable unique way. With excellent organization, dedicated volunteers, full tribunes of supporters, successful athletes, extremely efficient security, perfect transport & full media coverage.

The parade was accompanied by the British Airways jet with huge “Thank you” on it and 9 military airplanes (Red Arrows) that left the 3 colored path.

I just copied two great pictures from one photo article that you can find in Mail Online. There are several remarkable pictures there.

The public cheered the Olympic and Paralympic heroes and I was just waiving at the exalted public with one simple thought – “I am glad to be part of this”.

Just a small recap of my initiative – the blog was visited about 1300 times in two weeks (not bad). The day with highest number of visitors was “Opening Ceremony” – about 200 visitors. So I consider that at least 200 people know a little bit more about Paralympic Movement now. Maybe I made some mistakes (writing in English, not enough advertising, missing gadgets in the site) but if I provoked at least some interest in the visitors, it worth every minute that I spent on it.

Thanks for everybody who read it.

By enspiritme

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