My name is Pavleta and I am starting this blog about a week before the Paralympic Games in London. I will be a volunteer there and I am extremely excited about this fact.

All this started with the invitation by ATOS (the company I am working for) for a volunteer program for Olympics and Paralympics in London’2012. I have always been a big fan of sports and without doubts I applied. Few weeks later, I received a message that I am approved for the Paralympics….Hmmm I had to take a decision – am I ready for this? It took me one weekend to think over it and then something from the past came to my mind. Actually, I have seen Paralympic Athletics 8 years ago in Athens during a business trip and another interesting thing was that I met there the queen of Spain who was sitting in the hotel lobby few meters far away from me – she was patron of the Spanish team. So, I decided – this was a sign and I have to accept.

This will be a real challenge for me – to become part of the most exciting event, to overcome the feelings of fear and pity when I watch the sports, to learn more about the Paralympics and to support it with my work. I started preparation – reading about the sports and the rules, watching videos from the previous games and I was getting more and more excited and inspired.

So, I decided to start this blog in order to share my personal emotions and experience related with the sports for the disabled athletes and to make these sport events more popular among the friends and colleagues. I have summarized some facts about the sports in the page Paralympics. You can see also the London’2012 Paralympics video presentations from the links there – about one minute for each sport.

I have made the title of the blog more open in order to use this web place for sharing of other emotions related with people, places, technologies and events that inspire me. I have chosen the word enspirit (a variation of inspirit) meaning  “to infuse live into” as best describing the goal of this blog.

I will be thankful for everybody who will give suggestion for improvement of the site or request any kind of information that I can put here.


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